DUET Reused

Duet Reused tries to make everyone aware (starting for us) about the importance on taking care on the materials and resources we use. For this, the commit of Grupo Duet is the constantly recycle and reuse, and also, promote all ecological concepts. Duet Sports and Duet Fit demonstrate this concept ecofiendly, collecting sports and building work materials to give it a new life and utility.

The Duet Sports and Duet Fit centers include multiple areas marked with the Duet Reused guarantee: reels and pallets from the buiding work converted into furniture, clocks by reusing bicycle tires, old trellis as separators, pots from reused ventilation tubes, a wall decorated with expired brochures, work fences transformed into locker room benches, collection of sports equipment in disuse, a waste separation area, and an ecologic vending... Moreover, in order to envolve this ecologic concept, the centers have an urban garden.

Grupo Duet is satisfied with this initiative. This is the first time in our sector and the Duet Reused concept, is being one of the values of the company, this is being promoted in all the areas: employers, customers, suppliers, institutions and society.

`We respect our planet and we like to take care of it: and we daily work from all departments to incorporate sustainable initiatives and respect for the environment. Our global consciousness makes, that in each small action, we mind on the materials and resources that we use``We recycle and reuse: we want to demonstrate that design, profitability and efficiency are compatible with sustainable sports clube. We collect obsolete sports equipment to give them a new life and a new utility.`